Tuesday, 7 June 2016

You've just been droned

This weekend I was schooled by a 16 year old. Not only was I out of my depth I was a complete novice. It was an insight being shown technology that I had never really seen before. It was interesting to watch especially when the person operating it is passionate about their hobby.

 I was on the West Coast hoping to be forcibly switched off from technology and take a few days to recharge.

Unfortunately a cellphone tower had recently been erected and internet coverage was remarkably strong. 

When I was down on the beach enjoying the surroundings a hefty black case was opened and a DJI Inspire Drone was unveiled. 

After a few minutes checking the camera and Drone I experienced Droning 101. The images that were being recorded were amazing. 
The test flight before sunset 

The 16 year old put the packed the gear up and headed inside to work on the footage.

Later that night we watched the raw project. Although it was apparently only 90% complete (also with copyright free music) it looked incredible. The learning taking place was huge. Apparently he has been filming at school events and he always seeks permission before filming.

The range on the drone was amazing it can go up to 2 KMs. It was interesting to see the high spec Drone being taken out over water as an error would cause loss of the drone.

Want to know more then check this out. It could be a newer model of the DJ Drone as it originally cost close to $10000.


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