Monday, 13 June 2016

Tinkercad 3D printing, Imgflip Meme Generator

Tonight at the Mind Lab I had two goes at Tinkercad. The first attempt ended with me walking away as things weren't quite working out.

Image result for sketchup icon

After a small break using Sketch Up I returned because I really wanted to create Jaws which was a coffee bag clip.

In the war zone

Tindercad 10 Dion 0
Time to walk away...

The 2nd design Jaws-Mark 2

Success!! Sometimes it is good just to walk away, reflect and then rethink. If it is starting to become less fun then it might be time to consider when is the appropriate time to stop. What actually worked was a mint flavoured Kit Kat that was passed to me. The sugar fix refocused my thoughts and I had more energy to try something new.
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Today I was looking through Google + to see how the other Mind Lab learners around NZ were going. I saw some awesome Tinkercad work.

and then the Meme Generator Imgflip. I had to have a go for myself. I have already made one for my classroom door.

Here is the finished image

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