Friday, 10 June 2016

Robot 1, Human 0

This week in the Mind Lab we attempted to programme instructions for a robot to follow.

We were given the basics for what a robot needed to operate and also instructions on how to programme it.

There was a great balance how much information was given at the start and we were given an opportunity to trial ideas before the next step was introduced.

My robot programming partner was a great team mate we shared roles and we both took a role at being the lead programmer. It worked really well and I actually enjoyed trialling the robot making small changes, testing it and then reprogramming the robot.

We didn't succeed at all so we put our robot on another computer that had a successful programme. When we downloaded the data and trialled it we still had a rogue robot. At this point after a lot of fun we realised no matter what we did all night we were destined to fail as our IR sensors were incorrectly wired.

After an excellent feeling of failure we immediately thought we have six older Mind Storm kits at school that we can dig out and start using. The learning that was happening was amazing. I could have spent many hours trying to figure out how to make the robot follow a black line of tape.

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