Sunday, 28 August 2016

Take a leaf from Steven Adams

You have to admire Steven Adams when a NBA star with a day job worth millions takes time out in his off season to work with NZ kids and then helps coax a child back inside at a basketball camp. What a legend!

Anxiety is such a cruel thing, I see it in my students and my own daughter. He could have just ignored it and thought maybe next time but he slowly got the boy back into the camp.

Stuff link for Steven Adams and the Kid

On Monday I am going to share the whole news story with my class but there were two really key messages in the article

Asked for words of encouragement he would have for youngsters wanting to make it to the NBA, 

Adams replied:
"It's mainly just have fun with it, especially at this age. You don't want them to grow up too fast. As long as they enjoy the game they'll progress as they need to.
And one of his past mentors Kenny McFadden, one of the coaches at the camp, 
"He taught me that, so I tell the kids the exact same thing: eat your vegetables, do your homework, clean your room, and keep your nose clean."
And sometimes, when it's needed, he adds "don't be afraid to take part" 
I love it when children are willing to give it 100% even though deep down they are feeling otherwise. We were skiing today and my daughter was nervous. It was her first time and in the second lesson another guide took over and said I think i can make a difference can I have her in my group. All afternoon my daughter kept trying. Her instructor was so patient and that was the key. She put bands around her skis then took them off after two goes. It would be easier to give up but my daughter persevered and each time she skis it should get easier.

The second news article I am going to share is 

NBA star Steven Adams on watching sister Valerie in Rio: 'It got emotional' 

Some of the children in my class may not have realised that Valerie Adams and Steven Adams are siblings. The great message in this article talks about all the hard work Valerie put in before the games. 
Steven Adams;
"I thought I worked hard, and a lot of people say I do as well. But just seeing her work is a whole other  level. It's just unbelievable. She's the most disciplined person in the world and just the hardest worker.

Valerie Adams, had to overcame five surgeries over the Olympic cycle just to compete in Rio that is amazing. 

What amazing inspirational athletes.

Want to see Steven Adams in action then check out this bullet pass here;

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