Monday, 1 August 2016

Submitting my Literature Review as a Video?

Sadly Stuff reported last week that the video cassette is officially dead. Just as I thought videos were on a come back I read the devastating news. I had recently bought a 180 minute tape to submit my literature review on.
The VCR is Officially Dead

What I had planned was to video my PDF on the RCA Video Recorder and transfer it to video.

I remember the first video I watched as a child was Gallipoli (1981) - IMDb. I remember being lost in the movie I was memorised by the action and having a movie to watch in the lounge rather than going to the cinema. It was on a player similar to this

It was played on a K9 TV which didn't have a remote.

My parents and siblings idea of a remote was the youngest in the family(me). I was required to get up and adjust the aerial, sound or channel. 

Over the years i have removed toys and food from inside VCRs as toddlers have been fascinated with putting things inside the flap. With the invention of DVD players my video player sat forlornly on top of the DVD player waiting patiently to be used.

On the top shelf in our library is roughly 11 video tapes. Some of the titles-The Dark Crystal, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Goonies, Labyrinth and Bob Marley Live.

Interestingly my wife bought this last week. It is a video to DVD converter. I think she has some cruel IT job for me to do. She actually wants me to transfer 60 year old footage of our historic house from a previous owner. I'm hoping the tape with Aunties 80th and Wedding doesn't have anything surprising on it.

Want to know more about VCRs

The Changes To Video Recorders And VCR Technology Over The Last 50 Years


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