Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The frustrations of technology

Today we hoped to use the school COW and as usual it wasn't left to charge since the last time it was used. Interestingly it was plugged in to charge but not turned on at the wall.

Once I got the COW to my room I realised the computers weren't attached to their chargers so they wouldn't have charged anyway. There is some great learning opportunities which i take with my learners but I am beginning to wonder who else needs to be taught on COW etiquette.

The COW monitors do a great job and this week they have Cycle Safety so they are not in the classroom to check the COW but teachers that are using the COW are obviously not respecting the equipment.

At the next staff meeting I am going to take the opportunity to talk about the COW and I am also going to put a reminder in our daily notices to make an immediate change.

We have Chrome books in the school (which our seniors use 90% of the time) and I would love to use them more but it is also a good experience for the children to use a variety of technology. Making them aware of how to charge a computer, look at the battery percentage and then to be able to problem solve how to put it on to charge so it can still be used are all great skills. Unfortunately at the moment my learners think the computers are always charged and someone else will have them ready to go for them when they need it.

Fortunately we are beginning to change this mentality so they can adapt to solve technology issues as they arise.

On a positive note we managed to all sign into Gmail and Google Drive for the first time today. Which was a huge success.

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