Sunday, 22 May 2016

The increase of technology being used to cheat in exams

Last week in my class we talked about how students were cheating in exams around the world. What caught my attention was a news story about Iraq shutting down the internet during exams(see story link below).

I showed an image of a Smart watch and then we looked at the news articles related to students cheating.
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Technology is certainly advancing and as the pressure mounts for students to achieve good results it is sad to think they feel the need to cheat.

I look back at when I was at university and there was an article in the media about students paying for essay notes and also for essays to be written on behalf of students. In my third year of university cell phone blocking technology had been brought in. The information on the internet was not as readily accessible and I remember Ask Jeeves was a popular site.

Check out these news stories from around the world

Smartwatch cheats force Thai students back to exam halls

Five more cases of exam cheating

A Cheating Crisis in America's Schools

Check out these spy glasses that are being marketed to be used in an exam. I really hope this 

MWE Glasses set includes the micro earpiece and the glasses with in-built transmitter and a microphone. Thanks to its tiny dimensions and wireless design Spy Earpiece is absolutely invisible for others. It can work about 7-8 hours without changing a battery. 

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On another note I found two articles that were promoting the opposite which reminded teachers, parents and students to report suspicions of cheating.

Report cheating, malpractice or exam fraud, Ofqual urges

In 2004 what...
were some significant events in 2004 click here and here
and what was the internet like in 2004 click here 

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