Thursday, 7 April 2016

Stop Motion Movie in 30 seconds on Conditioning

Tonight at the Mind Lab we created a Stop Motion about Conditioning. There are two types of conditioning that we looked at (see screen snapshot).

In our collaboration we sorted out roles. Hayden had Stop Motion Pro on his iPad which he had used before so we went with the iPad rather than downloading Apps. I can thoroughly recommend using an application that someone has used before. I have used Stop Motion, and I Can Animate before and it had limitations so it was great to combine skills with others to use an App that works.

 The planning stage... We focused on Instrumental conditioning

 The setting
 The iPad strapped to the MacBook Pro with sellotape for support.
Check out our finished video
Want to find out more about Conditioning  in Education then click on the link to see a slideshow overview.

I left the course tonight thinking it was great to see some of the different learning theories in digital and collaborative learning. In reflection I can now see I use a multitude of learning theories in my practise. 


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