Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Change Initiative that is a wicked problem

Tonight we used the SAMR model to design a Change Initiative for a Wicked Problem. Our group  found a common element across our schools. 

We looked at How can we encourage teachers to use technology purposefully. Staff have varied ability when using ICT some think that they are using it well when in reality they are just using it at a lower level such as substitution. 

Our group discussed the talents the varied staff bring to the school and we tried to look at how we can get them onboard. We looked at the varied models online and discussed that it would be good to share specific examples of what each level looks like.  

We found some of these models below. 
 Having a Google model and Microsoft model was a great way for easy buy in.
Providing simple resources that teachers can relate to will help with a transition in understanding of how to work at the higher levels. It takes away the guess work for people that need a few goes at understanding the concept.
We also realised that the adaptation of the models to suit your school is key to successfully implementing change. This way the hesitant teachers will have a part in the design process and have ownership.

One of the group members was using a TKI elearning lesson on the SAMR model with staff. We talked as a group how to start the lesson to engage the staff and get them on board.

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