Thursday, 24 March 2016

I was a 21st Century Learner

Last night I had a light bulb moment while I was at The Mind Lab in Christchurch. As a group we made a collaborative video about Self Managed learners. It was one of the six rubrics of 21st century. The six learning rubrics are:

  • collaboration
  • knowledge construction
  • self regulation
  • real world problem solving and innovation
  • the use of ICT and learning
  • skilled communication
I had read the  recommended reading 21cld learning activity rubrics 2012 but after reading the 44 pages online then in downloaded PDF format I hadn't quite processed all of the information and more importantly I couldn't understand just how to use it with my learners.

In a traditional classroom the teacher would set work and direct them what to do. As a group we reenacted a scenario doing a project about the flag debate. By actually going through the learning rubric on self regulation I  finally understood how the rubrics work.

It was not an easy journey making the video for upload. First of all I didn't have my lightening cord and other members of the group had a smashed phone, a loaner phone and a device that they hadn't used before. 

 As a team we delegated roles. I took charge and we created a script. The process evolved really naturally. We used the Self regulation coding rubric and decision steps as  a guide and we based our clips around it.  When we went to upload the footage we spent 10 minutes problem solving how to get the photos of the device that hadn't been connected to a computer before. We had to wait for the 601 photos to download. At this point I reminded myself to bring my lightening cord. I make iMovies all of the time so it was actually a good learning curve for the group to see what could go wrong. We problem solved ideas on how to get our footage and eventually after many different options we succeeded. 

I really enjoyed the process using the ITL learning rubrics. By dong the work I could see how it could work for the students. Check out our finished video below.

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